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Jennifer's Reviews

Jennifer nailed it! First time here and Jennifer nailed exactly what I wanted! I will definitely be back! Got my roots died and some extra blonde put in. Stylists in the past have had a hard time getting the blonde this color because of my dark hair... Jennifer not only got the color of blonde I wanted but only had me sitting with the die in my hair for less than 20 min.
Amazing thanks to Jennifer Came here with an eight year old to get our hair done and came out feeling and looking amazing thanks to Jennifer! She had great suggestions with my hair color and was super patient with the little one. My hair came out better than even I expected and the little one couldn't stop flipping her hair! :)

Tracey's Reviews

I relocated to Las Vegas I relocated to Las Vegas from San Diego 4 years ago. Since then, I've been searching all over Vegas for someone that knows how to deal with my hair. I've gone to so many people I've tried through yelp, friends' recommendation, and even Groupon (I was reaching). Each and every time I left disappointed. See my hair is "special" lol. It's super long, thick, dry, coarse and damaged! Damaged probably because I don't get it trimmed often because I couldn't find my "person"... ... until now!! Tracey La is amazing!!!! I walked in and told her what I wanted and she just ran with it! She did a fantastic job in half the time I've spent with other stylists and for a fraction of the price!! Her balayage technique is perfection and she left my hair feeling soft and cared for. I definitely recommend getting your hair done with her. And the best part - she truly cares about her clients!
All True The 5 star reviews on Yelp about Tracey and her salon are all true and is the reason I booked an appointment with her. The salon is located in the Anthem Village Drive parking lot next to Welycon. Tracey starts bright and early and her salon was bustling with hair stylists and customers before 9am!! Tracey is a delight to be around. She is polite, super motivated, super nice and really appreciates your business! And most importantly she is a master at what she does! I came in for a cut and color. My medium length thick hair was a mega disaster from a really really bad haircut I received elsewhere. My hair was full of uneven layers, the front was longer than the back, the left side was longer than the right and obviously there was no style to it (ughh!!). Most stylists would have been overwhelmed and afraid to tackle my hair but this didn't phase Tracey at all! She took it as a challenge and was excited about fixing my hair which made me feel at ease since I was embarrassed showing up with such a mess! She got right to work and fixed my hair. Boy am I so lucky I found Tracey. She fixed my hair like the pro she is and my hair looks and feels great....I got my hair back!! She is also a formula specialist, meaning she didn't need the color formula used by my previous salon to get the identical color. Just by looking at my hair Tracey was able to duplicate the original color on my hair therefore only having to do a touch up instead of a full color WOW!! how impressive is that!! I've never been to a salon that was capable of this skill. Plus by doing this she saved me quite a bit of money! And by the way my hair feels alive again, very soft and the color looks healthy and vibrant. I would strongly recommend Tracey and her salon. I must also add everyone I encountered at Beautiology was noticeably kind and friendly. I would strongly recommend making an appointment with Tracey well in advance because she books up fast. Know she does have a website where you can see her services, hours, message her and book directly. You can message her through Yelp too.
She really cares TRACY IS A MIRACLE WORKER!! I loved her from the moment I met her but now I'm obsessed with her. She really cares about her clients and wants to achieve their hair goals with the least amount of damage. She's passionate about her career and it motivates her to continue her dedication to her clients. When you make an appointment with her, she only focus on you, and she explains her process throughout the session. My experience: I made an appointment through yelp and she replied to me within an hour (it was like 10pm). When I first came into the salon, she greeted me and made me feel welcomed. I didn't even have to check in with her because she already knew who I am. I felt as if I was already a regular! After she greeted me, she sat me down and looked at my hair. She didn't judge my hair at all, she just asked what color I would like to achieve, and she already had a plan in her head of what she wanted to do. (My hair was orange, yellow, and black roots showing) so she started on my hair and she gave me a full treatment. She makes you feel like a movie star, as if you had your own personal stylist. 2 hours later, my hair had a beautiful ash blonde ombré/balayage hair, all in one session(without heat)! She also made sure that I could grow my dark roots out with low maintenance and her prices are too low for what she gives you. Tracy is the best!!! (Picture: top right is the before and the other two is the after)
I always trust Tracey I relocated to Henderson, Nevada from Garden Grove, California a couple months ago. Before the move, I was thrilled to learn that Tracey had opened a salon in the Henderson area! Tracey has been doing my hair for many, many years and the results have always been amazing, so I am glad that I can continue to have her as my hair stylist while living in Henderson. I always trust Tracey with my hair, and I absolutely admire her for her kindness, passion, and hard work. Go see her at Beautiology Salon! You won't regret it!
Tracey is THE NUTS oh man... guys, listen: Tracey is THE NUTS. (for non-poker people, "the nuts" means "the best possible hand you can have" aka: UNBEATABLE.) i shoulda suspected i was walking into a pro's office when i booked a cut for 8:00am via Tracey's online reservation form at *1:30am* the night before. (yeahhh, poker nerds keep weird hours.) it was her last available appointment until after Christmas, so i decided to bite the bullet, cross my fingers, and try to book. i was a little bit wary as to whether she'd actually see my request early enough in the morning to make it work, but at 7:02am i got a text from her to confirm our appointment. (damn, now THAT is some hustle i can respect!) i got to Beautiology as they were opening the doors. as salons go, it's nothing special, really. kinda older fixtures/décor -- Tracey mentioned they usually cater to an older clientèle -- but i was greeted like i was an old friend so i didn't much care what the salon itself looked like. after a quick consult Tracey got right to work. i had asked about possibly getting an Olaplex treatment to help restore my crunchy ends and rather than try to upsell me the entire 3-step process, Tracey informed me that Steps 1 & 3 were really just for use in-tandem with highlights, so she'd just do the 2nd step for me. (a leave-in conditioner that i wore under the heat lamp for 10-15 mins.) when the Olaplex was finished doing its thing, i got a quick wash and we moved on to the cut. i gave her an overview of what i wanted (just some subtle shaping/texturizing) and showed her a pic i liked. when she was finished cutting and spun me around to check out the back it was EXACTLY what i wanted and looked frickin' fabulous. you can definitely tell that she has 20+ years of experience/teaching because she really listens to what you want, explains all of your options, offers great suggestions, and doesn't try to hustle you with unnecessary products/upsells. while paying for my appointment, Tracey informed me that she usually charges $15 for the Olaplex treatment, but she'd throw mine in today for free. (woo! who doesn't love free stuff?!) overall, she was extremely sweet, knowledgeable, talented, and accommodating; i've definitely found my new go-to gal here in Vegas!
Tracey is AMAZING! Tracy is AMAZING! So really care about her clients and take the time to make your hair healthy & beautiful. I have never met a more dedicated hair colorist. Thank you so much Tracy!
Amazing Job Tracey is very professional and did an amazing job fixing my hair. My hair has been dyed black for several years. Previous hair stylist put in highlights over the black and damaged the hair. Read all of the reviews on Tracey and decided to use her for corrective color. Tracey was able to complete the corrective color in one appointment. My hair is healthy and looks beautiful. I am so grateful for her expertise and help getting my hair lightened and updating my style. I definitely recommend her!
Love this salon! Love this salon! Very neat & professional. Staff is super friendly! Cindy cut & colored my hair and I loved it, I will be coming back to her again!